Point cloud sketching

Veeeeery long time I don’t update here, again. But there’s a lot of research I’ve been doing with some great friends of mine, in the last year.
So it’s probably time to start sharing something; I hope to find the right time and way to do that in the near future.

First thing I’ll share is point cloud stuff (very promising applications are being born, lately).

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curvy fluidicles

After a lot of study and (more or less successful) tests and experimentation, I finally began working on the shots for my first technical showreel, which will be mostly focused on dynamics, lighting, and rendering, with a smidgen of sparse monkey-code.

Unfortunately, even though I’ve a pretty clear and defined idea of what I want to get to, I keep on being influenced by stuff I see around and slightly re-tune the visual result of my work. Such a phenomenon, which I’m sure is well known to the most of you, ends up triggering further researches and delaying the completion of my project, every time; but I guess that’s part of the game, and I’m still inclined to play it.

So this post is a report of one of those tiny details, which got fatter along the path.

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highlighting 3d stuff

This tiny update is just to share a couple of brushes I wrote, in order to expand Syntax Highlighter and Code Colorizer for WordPress plugin, based on SyntaxHighlighter by Alex Gorbatchev.

While writing this, I’m realizing that the plugin is not fully supported (apparently, at least). I’ll consider the switch to different highlighting solutions, in the next future; anyway, for all those using that same plugin at present, and dealing with 3d, I thought that these two brushes might come in handy:

  • MEL brush is a modified version of Maulik Kataria‘s original brush; the upgrade extends highlighting to numeric values and MEL’s variables
  • RSL brush is for highlighting RenderMan Shading Language code; I wrote this because I’m going to publish code for RenderMan shortly (so stay tuned, if interested)

When adding the brushes to the plugin’s /scripts folder, remember to update the syntax-highlighter.php file, too. The brushes can definitely be further extended and prettified, but that’s a beginning. I’ll notify updates and improvements, if any.

syncing in the hair

Since I work with motion graphics, I’ve been experimenting a lot with synchronization of audio and video. I guess my inspiration of all time is the videoclip for Autechre’s Gantz Graf; after I saw it for the first time I felt I would have researched more in depth, for similar techniques.
Much was done since then, by many; I could present a huge variety of brilliant examples, but the list would be too long, and I would leave too many out of it. Then I won’t, and I’ll just talk of what I did to bring some of the knowledge I had, into the 3d world.

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Quetz and VIEW Conference

Though my Quetz project is still in a concept phase, I chose to begin working on the look for its head titles. I will use a basic set in After Effects, and a tool I developed in ExtendScript, to explain a few stereoscopic techniques, within my next speech at View Conference (Turin, October 26th to the 29th, 2010).

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SSS fancy

Here’s a couple of pictures coming out of a day experimenting with MentalRay’s fast SSS shader, while mashing (messing?) up with old procedural modeling tests, which I fished out of my unintentional researches’ black hole.
Right, it looks more “testy” than tasty, yet it feels someway tangible anyway. That’s a beginning…