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curvy fluidicles

After a lot of study and (more or less successful) tests and experimentation, I finally began working on the shots for my first technical showreel, which will be mostly focused on dynamics, lighting, and rendering, with a smidgen of sparse monkey-code.

Unfortunately, even though I’ve a pretty clear and defined idea of what I want to get to, I keep on being influenced by stuff I see around and slightly re-tune the visual result of my work. Such a phenomenon, which I’m sure is well known to the most of you, ends up triggering further researches and delaying the completion of my project, every time; but I guess that’s part of the game, and I’m still inclined to play it.

So this post is a report of one of those tiny details, which got fatter along the path.

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Quetz and VIEW Conference

Though my Quetz project is still in a concept phase, I chose to begin working on the look for its head titles. I will use a basic set in After Effects, and a tool I developed in ExtendScript, to explain a few stereoscopic techniques, within my next speech at View Conference (Turin, October 26th to the 29th, 2010).

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Hello world!

OK, this will be the easiest blog I’ve ever created. What I mean is: no mediation, no attention to details or form (well, not an excessive one at least; I’m still a designer…), no strictness in staying on topic, no rigmaroles, no, no and no.

Though, in here I’ll be mostly dealing with computer graphics, and my new mission: rushing and studying to be a tough CG guy soon; very soon.
I have no exact idea why, but recently I woke up in a damn hurry for being one of those working in the bright nerdy world of visual effects. And, especially, being an Art Director and CG Supervisor, in record time.

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