Rome, Metro C eternal w.i.p.

Out of my building lies a yard which is working on the tube’s line C; after a few years I feel it practically on my doorstep. The works are definitely in progress, but they run slow and noisy, as in a sort of hellish symphony out of the time. No idea when will it get to an end.

Last day I shot the yard, to experiment some video recording with my 7D and 17-55mm f/2.8 zoom lens. I thought the shot was perfect to produce my first (fake) tilt-shift clip; it’s just a rough test with straight lens blur and brutal color correction. But here you are:

The shot is meant to be integrated and edited with other ones, in order to represent the never-ending story of the tube yard. Next experiments will consist of fine-tuning the shots with tweaks to achieve higher realism, uniform lighting and a better sense of narration.

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