My name is Stefano. I’m a designer. And I do CG. I’m fixed with that.
Also, I love (and do) photography; I like catching the moment, and I don’t like (but can suffer) loosing it; I pursue sustainable development; I love art in every form, communication of every kind, human relationships and their oddities; and I miss the times when I studied and played bass guitar.
When looking at me, you’ll always find some contradictions; and even some sorts of excess. And you’ll be right, that’s what I am.
I love stress in form of a natural, generative power. I love redundancy, as the base for evolution.

Maybe I’ll spend some more words in here, later on.
By now, I’ll be pleased if you’ll just spend some time wandering around the blog, and maybe appreciating its short-circuiting approach to technique, and art, and design, and mood, and feel, and chaos, and naiveté (and dinosaurs, and blue kittens), and probably more…

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