look into my eye

In the past few days, I spent some time looking around for efficient (and effective) solutions to make photorealistic eyes; finally I bounced into a very easy and intuitive tutorial from Gnomon, by Alex Alvarez, called Creating Believable Eyes.

The tutorial itself is very basic, but its approach is slightly, interestingly different from the many others I’ve found around: instead of separating the eye geometry into a transparent layer and a non-transparent one, it replicates the basic eye topology.

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Avatar: what’s the point?

Ok, after a few months passed since I saw Avatar, after I fully digested it, after I saw so many talks about it at Siggraph, I feel I’m ready. After the world gave its opinions and blablas about Avatar, I’ll be proud and add my voice to the choir.
To me it’ll be some kind of exercise to make a deeper artistic and technical analysis of such an exceptional phenomena.
It is not my intention to praise Cameron’s work, neither to denigrate it. I must say that, after all, I feel exquisitely neutral to the movie itself. The worldwide success and box office record is undeniable, but that is another story and it is not exactly my business, as I’ll try to demonstrate within this article.

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Fibonacci rules

While working, and testing a variety of Maya features which I only heard about (until now), I chose I would better keep on training with Python; I have a few procedures for a custom pipeline, in my mind, which are pressing me a lot.

I was looking for some stimulating tutorial, when I bounced into a pretty old paper, which I bookmarked some time ago, as it inspired me a lot. The ecosystem presented and the algorithms beyond it are just stunning.

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Hello world!

OK, this will be the easiest blog I’ve ever created. What I mean is: no mediation, no attention to details or form (well, not an excessive one at least; I’m still a designer…), no strictness in staying on topic, no rigmaroles, no, no and no.

Though, in here I’ll be mostly dealing with computer graphics, and my new mission: rushing and studying to be a tough CG guy soon; very soon.
I have no exact idea why, but recently I woke up in a damn hurry for being one of those working in the bright nerdy world of visual effects. And, especially, being an Art Director and CG Supervisor, in record time.

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