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Point cloud sketching

Veeeeery long time I don’t update here, again. But there’s a lot of research I’ve been doing with some great friends of mine, in the last year.
So it’s probably time to start sharing something; I hope to find the right time and way to do that in the near future.

First thing I’ll share is point cloud stuff (very promising applications are being born, lately).

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syncing in the hair

Since I work with motion graphics, I’ve been experimenting a lot with synchronization of audio and video. I guess my inspiration of all time is the videoclip for Autechre’s Gantz Graf; after I saw it for the first time I felt I would have researched more in depth, for similar techniques.
Much was done since then, by many; I could present a huge variety of brilliant examples, but the list would be too long, and I would leave too many out of it. Then I won’t, and I’ll just talk of what I did to bring some of the knowledge I had, into the 3d world.

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Fibonacci rules

While working, and testing a variety of Maya features which I only heard about (until now), I chose I would better keep on training with Python; I have a few procedures for a custom pipeline, in my mind, which are pressing me a lot.

I was looking for some stimulating tutorial, when I bounced into a pretty old paper, which I bookmarked some time ago, as it inspired me a lot. The ecosystem presented and the algorithms beyond it are just stunning.

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Hello world!

OK, this will be the easiest blog I’ve ever created. What I mean is: no mediation, no attention to details or form (well, not an excessive one at least; I’m still a designer…), no strictness in staying on topic, no rigmaroles, no, no and no.

Though, in here I’ll be mostly dealing with computer graphics, and my new mission: rushing and studying to be a tough CG guy soon; very soon.
I have no exact idea why, but recently I woke up in a damn hurry for being one of those working in the bright nerdy world of visual effects. And, especially, being an Art Director and CG Supervisor, in record time.

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