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curvy fluidicles

After a lot of study and (more or less successful) tests and experimentation, I finally began working on the shots for my first technical showreel, which will be mostly focused on dynamics, lighting, and rendering, with a smidgen of sparse monkey-code.

Unfortunately, even though I’ve a pretty clear and defined idea of what I want to get to, I keep on being influenced by stuff I see around and slightly re-tune the visual result of my work. Such a phenomenon, which I’m sure is well known to the most of you, ends up triggering further researches and delaying the completion of my project, every time; but I guess that’s part of the game, and I’m still inclined to play it.

So this post is a report of one of those tiny details, which got fatter along the path.

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SSS fancy

Here’s a couple of pictures coming out of a day experimenting with MentalRay’s fast SSS shader, while mashing (messing?) up with old procedural modeling tests, which I fished out of my unintentional researches’ black hole.
Right, it looks more “testy” than tasty, yet it feels someway tangible anyway. That’s a beginning…

look into my eye

In the past few days, I spent some time looking around for efficient (and effective) solutions to make photorealistic eyes; finally I bounced into a very easy and intuitive tutorial from Gnomon, by Alex Alvarez, called Creating Believable Eyes.

The tutorial itself is very basic, but its approach is slightly, interestingly different from the many others I’ve found around: instead of separating the eye geometry into a transparent layer and a non-transparent one, it replicates the basic eye topology.

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